The April Round Up

The April Round Up

Spotlight on Sustainability.
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Yes, Earth Day 2021 has come and gone but let's be real - every day should be treated like Earth Day. Parties and gatherings are the backbone of our company and the memories they produce, firmly embedded in our DNA. However, it is not lost on us the incredible impact that the event industry has on our environment. Our rentable kits were developed as an eco-friendly alternative to one-time use products and almost all of our items are washed and reused, or kept by YOU for lasting at-home fun! Read on for more of our team's sustainability musts...

Rebecca's MUST DO

Compost! A few years ago, my fiancé fully indoctrinated me into the world of composting within our one bedroom Brooklyn apartment. We had limited access to a compost bin and ended up making do by freezing our compostable waste and dropping it off once a week. We will soon have a backyard which opens up a world of possibilities that do not require taking up half of our freezer space, but I’m also very intrigued by Lomi, a new kitchen composter that turns food waste into nutrient-rich soil.

It’s currently available for for pre-sale on Indiegogo with a projected shipping date for December 2021. I’m looking forward to reducing our food waste footprint by 50% and trying a composter that breaks down compostable bioplastics - the first of its kind!


Enough. is a powerful resource using storytelling as a way to amplify those who are making real change in the environmental community. I love how there are always actionable takeaways - have a listen!

Cookie's MUST HAVE

The team behind PLUS body wash has two goals: keep your body clean & protect the planet. Individually packaged in dissolvable pouches, PLUS eliminates those bulky plastic containers that other brands use. PLUS offers unscented and scented options that will transport you straight to the beach!


The Year Earth Changed, hands down. This 48-minute documentary, narrated by the one and only David Attenborough, offers a welcome silver lining to the disruption and devastation inflicted upon humanity as a result of the pandemic. While we sheltered indoors, wildlife the world over reclaimed their natural habitats and behaviors in powerful and stunning ways. Even as the world continues to open back up, let's all be mindful of our impact on the natural world as to not disrupt the positive changes that occurred during the past year. We can all live in harmony.