The Best Damn Lemon Pesto Pasta Ever

The Best Damn Lemon Pesto Pasta Ever

You'll be reaching for seconds... possibly thirds.
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Italians are, understandably so, incredibly proudand protective!of their pasta. It is after all the national food of their country, so we get (and appreciate) the passion 100%. But when you're on vacation in Amalfi, stumble into an unassuming restaurant with your significant other and enjoy what is THE best f*&@ing pasta you've ever had in your life, only to find out you can't charm your way into getting nonna's original recipe, well, you're forced to take matters into your own hands. Lucky for you, there's someone who did, and even luckier—she's willing to share.

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Jess Latham's Lemon Pesto Pasta Recipe

  • Sauté tomatoes with olive oil, garlic, oregano, thyme & salt
  • Blend a cup of olive oil with a handful of each of the following: pecorino, parmesan, fresh basil, pistachios, pine nuts, 3 cloves of garlic, zest & juice of two lemons. Blend until smooth.
  • Add appx. 1 cup of fresh ricotta and blend until smooth
  • Cook your spaghetti al dente and reserve a bit of the pasta water
  • Add pasta to the tomato pan, spoon sauce over noodles and drizzle with appx. 1/2 cup of pasta water
  • Mix and serve immediately with fresh parmesan and a pinch of salt & pepper

Dine à la the Italians

Invite your mom, cousin, best friend, co-worker, crush—hell, the whole neighborhood—over for dinner because this dish deserves to be savored by all. Need some extra chic tableware to accommodate? We got you:

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