The Newlywed Game, but Make It a Party

The Newlywed Game, but Make It a Party

Our favorite Culinistas and 'Work Wives' show us how well they know each other.
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Tiana and Jill #settingthetable.

Last night, our co-founder Jess Latham put Jill Donenfeld and Tiana Tenet, the co-founders of The Culinistas, in the hot seat on IG Live. The three of them played a version of The Newlywed Game to see how well Jill and Tiana really know each other and their party habits. Tiana's baby shower was cancelled due to COVID-19, so we quizzed Jill on how Tiana would want to celebrate it if quarantine wasn't a hurdle.

Read on to see what Jill got right and wrong about Tiana's dream baby shower...

Q: Who is on Tiana's dream guest list?

Jill: Celebs with substance: Katie Couric, Serena Williams, George & Amal. Plus her friend Jen who lives in Maine!

Tiana: My sister, Dana, and brother in-law, Angad, who live in HK. The godparents, Jordan, David & Jay. And my husband, John, of course.

Q: If the baby shower could take place at Tiana's dream restaurant, where would that be?

Jill: Carbone.

Tiana: Cipriani Soho.

Q: Since restaurants are out of the question, which Culinistas recipes would Tiana want everyone to snack on instead?

Jill: Burrata Bar, Spring Pea & Arugula Salad, Lobster Rolls, Ricotta Pizza, Fudge Brownies, Berry Bowl.

Tiana: Burrata Bar, Confetti Shrimp, Steamers, Calabrian, Cauliflower, Chocolate Fudge Brownies.

Q: What would be the drink of choice?

Jill: Tequila is her drink of choice, so we’d make our Work Wife, which is a rosemary-infused paloma. It is also delicious virgin.

Tiana: I love tequila! So a Spicy Margarita and Fresh Watermelon Juice for the expecting mommas.

Q: Which Social Studies Party Look would Tiana want to set the vibe?

Jill: She is classic but she is also, like, GUCCI. I am feeling The Doppio, but can also see her getting into True Blue.

Tiana: True blue -- since it's a boy!

Q: Baby shower game of choice?

Jill: She would hire a magician.

Tiana: NO games!

Q: Music vibe or top three artists?

Jill: My girl is a disco queen, so let’s say ABBA (hey, she’s also married to a Greek) and then throw in some Aretha & Whitney.

Tiana: Live music is a must, so a 3 piece band with an indie-pop feel, definitely some Sam Smith, Fleetwood Mac & Aretha Franklin.

Q: Tiana's surprise celebrity cameo of choice?



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