The Party Went Down to Georgia

The Party Went Down to Georgia

Inside our Pleasure Garden fête with Flamingo Estate.
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Earlier this month, on a warm fall evening in Atlanta, we gathered with our friends at Flamingo Estate and some delighted partygoers to celebrate some of life's simplest pleasures: a beautifully set table, gathering in person, delicious wine and food, good music and conversation that just flows. It was a magical night to say the least and today I'm taking you behind the scenes of the soirée, co-hosted by Jess Latham and Flamingo Estate founder Richard Christensen. Ladies and gentleman, the Pleasure Garden...

The dinner table, ready for its close-up.

The Venue

Interior designer Melanie Turner opened the doors to her stunning home, Atlanta's famed and historic Pink Palace, an Italian Baroque-style villa located in the city's Buckhead neighborhood. We love a venue that is a conversation piece in and of itself, in addition to being a beautiful backdrop, and we were lucky to get both here.

The Pink Palace in all her glory.


Guests, all dressed to the nines, were greeted with a live performance by local cellist-songwriter, Okorie Johnson and chatted away while enjoying Flamingo Estate Pink Moon Rosé, cocktails and light bites.

The Table

Set with our chic Super Tuscan look and a dreamy garden scene sweeping down the center, the dinner table was truly a feast for the eyes. Florist Enemies of the Average left no stone unturned when creating the more-is-more centerpiece—a nod to Flamingo Estate's Autumn Harvest—which featured colorful floral arrangements, fresh seasonal vegetables, even taxidermy insects. Our taper candles worked their magic, casting that perfect candlelit glow. Talk about mood lighting.

Spot the butterfly.


We feasted on a three-course meal of roasted delicata squash salad, maple glazed chicken or king trumpet mushrooms, and a deconstructed whipped cheesecake for dessert, all prepared by chef Alex Bolar. Between courses and buzzing conversation, Jess and Richard gave toasts and spoke about their respective companies and mutual excitement about bringing people together through this partnership. It was an affair to remember for sure, one we'll be thinking of for the foreseeable future. Atlanta, the pleasure was ours.