The Round Up 3.20.20

The Round Up 3.20.20

Everything at the top of our inboxes and front of our minds.

Let's be honest, we weren't exactly the kids in school that gleefully participated in Extra Credit (recess, anyone?) but given the difficult climate we're currently coping with, we thought everyone deserved a little Extra Credit.

Extra Credit is where you will find a bit of everything that is at the top of our inboxes and front of our minds. From our virtual hangouts, to the independent restaurants we are championing, to the food banks we are supporting, and of course, the memes and moments that remind us to laugh. We want to bring a bit of our virtual community we've created to you! Because until we can gather again in real life, we are excited to gather here with you.

And with that, we think it's time for roll call!


You know we love to gather around a table, especially where there's delicious food to be had. Therefore it's been difficult to watch small independent restaurants struggle to stay afloat. We suggest buying a gift certificate to your favorite local eatery, or donate directly to support their employees, or sign a petition to encourage lawmakers and legislators to take swift action to save America's restaurants.

We’ve been able to support our favorite local hangouts and keep our dinner dates (we will always find a way to socialize!) by ordering in delivery and switching on FaceTime.

Our go-to’s these days are Carbone, Kings Co Imperial, Claro, Dante, Fish Cheeks, Frankies Spuntino, and Sunday in Brooklyn.

Want more options? Resy’s got you covered.


Many a news outlet (and our friends) are touting this as the most entertaining podcast episode ever. We know. They said, 'ever.' We're pretty sure many of you have an hour of free time on your hands to give it a go.

And if you just need a little zen… Headspace is always there for you.


Zoom Cocktail Parties! FaceTime calls! Skype Videos! Don't be shy... just do it! We need a sense of community now more than ever, which is why Social Studies gathered for our first Zoom Cocktail Party last night -- cocktail attire included!

It was a breath of fresh air to see smiling faces and share the highs and lows of quarantine life. We left it feeling like we were in this together.

Pro tip! To get the party started we circulated a few fun questions for everyone to ponder before jumping on Zoom. Our first question was, of course, "what's the best party you've ever been to?"


First things first, Screw. This. Virus.

Everything I Already Know About Love by Dolly Alderton will have you simultaneously laughing and crying. A perpetual, self-described "lover of love" Dolly has been writing and musing about the elusive drug since she was in her twenties and has distilled all her wisdom into one awesome book.


We’re looking at our community to give us guidance, laughs and introspection during this time. Here are a few of our favorites we’re currently following!

Because we all need a bit of Good News.

Global dance party anyone? Forward Space is hosting them daily.

Cleo Wade is able to be both inspiring and provide laughter. We bow down.

Overheard New York is bringing satire realness to get us through.

Dogs Working From Home. Need we say more?

Our friends at Bumble always know the way into our hearts.


And finally, let's flatten the curve, which can only be done as a collective unit, because, above anything else, we're in this together.

We wanted to end with a quote from New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, pulled from his interview with Michael Barbaro for The New York Times. You can listen to full interview here.

"Do everything you can. Do everything you can to flatten that curve. Do everything that you can humanly, possibly do - extend your imagination in a way you never thought and extend your ambition beyond yourself because it's not about you. It's about us, it's about the collective, it's about society. Don't expose yourself to other people. Don't indulge yourself. Save as many lives as you can. Be responsible. Be civic-minded. Be kind. Be considerate. Think of one another. Yes, we're going to have an inconvenient period for a few months. We are. Deal with it and deal with it gracefully and deal with it with kindness and intelligence."