The September Round Up

The September Round Up

Fall in love with these autumnal musts.

Fall hits that sweet spot, sandwiched between too hot and too cold, it's—as Goldilocks would say—just right. September kicked things off and the team here at Social Studies has complied some of our favorite things that are sure to carry you right on through the season in the most cozy, chic, and entertained way possible.

Amanda's MUST DO

As soon as fall hits, I know it’s time for Nana’s Pumpkin Bread! This family recipe is the perfect balance of spice without being overly sweet. The recipe makes two loaves (praise be!) as is super easy to bake. You’ll chow through the first loaf quickly and be stoked to pull the second one out of the freezer without having to bust the mixer out again. Enjoy!


As the weather changes, there is absolutely no better way to get into the fall spirit than to break out the Halloween candy, turn on a spooky flick and light a fall-scented candle.

Wildwood Candle Co.’s MAPLE natural soy candle emulates all the sweet aromas and feels of the colorful fall months, making it the perfect way to set the vibe for an autumnal get-together or cozy night in!


Blame it on the perfect pairing that is fall and football, but I always watch Remember the Titans at least once this time of year. I'm going big this time around and hosting a full-on Football Fête, first inviting friends over for a tailgate party (which will naturally evolve into a dance party) and then casually putting on Denzel and Co as things wind down. Join me, won't you?


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