Inside Peter Som & Jess Latham's Springtime Soirée

Inside Peter Som & Jess Latham's Springtime Soirée

In partnership with Baileys Deliciously Light.

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Earlier this month, on a picture perfect NYC day, Jess Latham, our co-founder & CEO, and Peter Som, fashion designer & entertaining expert, co-hosted a crowd-pleasing brunch at Little Owl the Townhouse in Manhattan's West Village. The cause for the celebration? Stylish springtime gatherings and Surprise & Delight—the limited-edition entertaining kit created by Social Studies and Baileys Deliciously Light. Guests, dressed in their best "Playfully Chic" attire, were treated to Baileys Deliciously Light cocktails and an oh-so-delicious brunch, curated by Mr. Som himself. Keep scrolling for an exclusive look inside the party, and a cocktail recipe fit for all of your spring and summer get-togethers. 

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Baileys Deliciously Light Iced Coffee


  • 2.5oz Baileys Deliciously Light
  • 6oz Iced Coffee

Glass & Garnish:

  • Tall Fluted Glass*
  • Cocoa Shimmer Dust*
  • Whipped Cream


Place ice into cup. Full cup with iced coffee. Mix in Baileys Deliciously Light and a dash of cocoa shimmer dust; stir. Top with whipped cream and cocoa shimmer dust. 

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