We Were on Good Morning America!

We Were on Good Morning America!

Talking about Social Studies and Virtual Holiday Entertaining.

While filming during the pandemic wasn’t quite the same, Jess Latham’s good ol’ producing skills came in handy.

Jess chatted with GMA all about Social Studies and how to virtually entertain and celebrate this holiday season. Here is the link to watch the segment if you missed it and below are some of Jess' top takeaways broken down...

1. Make an itinerary and have a host

This is really important for any virtual gathering because a clear run of show and someone to lead the Zoom provides structure and ensures everything runs smoothly. Another plus? No more awkward silences.

2. Do a tech dry-run in advance

Let's be real, a technology meltdown is the quickest way to having an actual meltdown. And we can all do without another one of those...

3. Create a cohesive experience

It’s important to make sure everyone feels like they are having the same, shared experience. You can do this by renting a Multi-Home Party from us, circulating one of our curated playlists for everyone to listen to, planning a menu or a cocktail for all to make, or even sending out a surprise appetizer for everyone to enjoy “together.”

Our Co-Founder Amy Griffin’s mama gives out pepper jelly each year. Served over cream cheese with Ritz Crackers – it’s simple and delicious in a retro chic kind of way. Jess’s mom does rum cake in a bundt. What family recipe can you pop in the mail for everyone to share?

Really show off your signature dish by plating it on a stand-out serving platter.

4. Timing is everything

The most successful virtual celebrations have a time limit - one hour usually does the trick. But if you are a family with FOMO (fear of missing out), the host can certainly leave their Zoom room open all day long for others to pop in and say hi. And don’t be afraid to secretly share the Zoom link for some surprise guest appearances! Hint hint:

5. Most importantly, relax and have fun!

Remember to have fun, enjoy the moment and embrace the freedom and flexibility of hosting digitally. The holidays can be stressful with all the travel and schedule coordinating, but this year, the sky’s the limit. With virtual celebrations, everyone really can be invited and seated around the "same" table.