Wedding Advice From the Experts at Bespoke Only

Wedding Advice From the Experts at Bespoke Only

What to do before saying "I do".
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Erika (L) and Melissa (R) by Samm Blake.

Bespoke Only is a multidisciplinary design firm led by Founder and Creative Director, Melissa Lee and Associate Designer, Erika Chou. Together they create spaces and experiences marked by understated luxury with a modern twist.

We recently caught up with Melissa and Erika and asked them to share some of their tried and true wedding tips to help you and your significant other breathe a little easier in the months and weeks leading up to your big day.

Let them eat cake!

What are the top three things a couple should prioritize once the question is popped and gleefully accepted?

#1. The wedding planner. If you plan on hiring someone, now is the time. They can help advise on a timeline and the most pressing items.

#2. The venue. Because of the pandemic, a lot of weddings have been postponed and rescheduled for the coming year making it trickier than ever to book venues. If your dream venue isn’t available, try to think of what makes that place so special to you and find somewhere with a similar vibe.

#3. The vendors. Just like the venue, they are overbooked from a year of rescheduled weddings. As soon as you find your venue, you should start reaching out to caterers, photographers, and florists.

We love a beautifully set table and gorgeous centerpiece.

How can couples incorporate family and friends who are unable to attend in-person, into their wedding?

Live streaming weddings has become more and more common and just might be the next big trend. It helps friends and family feel like they are part of your celebration in real time, rather than just seeing photos after-the-fact.

A sparkly send-off.

What should couples keep in mind when deciding what to wear on their big day?

This is not the time to try out a completely new look! Wear something you feel like the best version of yourself in and try not get wrapped up in trends.

Lewks from the front...
... and the back.

What's hot in wedding entertainment at the moment?

Fortune tellers.

Favorite cocktail for a summer wedding?


Best piece of advice for couples who are in the midst of planning their wedding?


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