Welcoming Cheree Berry to the Social Studies Family

Welcoming Cheree Berry to the Social Studies Family

This Paper Queen is sure to be the chef's kiss on your next event.
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We are so thrilled to announce that Cheree Berry Paper is joining the Social Studies fam as our new stationery partner! Starting this holiday season, when you order Berry Scandi, Dark Nordic, Blue Splatter (featured in below gif!) or Broken Beauty, you will receive menus and place cards designed by the brilliant minds at CBP.

Why do we think paper goods are so important at an event? As Cheree herself explains, "Paper gets people talking! When hosting a gathering, small or large, you want your guests engaged, and paper details can do the trick – conversation starters on napkins, toast cards under the plate, sentiments on menus, and bonus elements like Christmas crackers and paper ornaments."

With the holidays coming up -- and looking a bit different than in the past -- we think a paper touch is more important than ever (not to mention a great way for guests to remember the night).

Here are a few of Cheree's first designs that coordinate perfectly with our Holiday Looks!

Expect to see a lot more from Cheree and her team over the coming months as they help us, help you, pull off gatherings to remember.