Your Guide to a Spritz-Worthy Galentine's Day Celebration

Your Guide to a Spritz-Worthy Galentine's Day Celebration

In partnership with Ketel One Botanical.
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And just like that, February is here. To help you celebrate the month of love in the most purely delightful way possible, Social Studies is partnering with Ketel One Botanical to bring you Winter Blooms, an at-home entertaining kit designed to elevate your holiday get-togethers and awaken all five senses. One of these holidays — a favorite of ours, in fact — is just t-minus 12 days away: Galentine's Day. So text your besties and let them know that on February 13th, you're celebrating each other. Here's your 3-step guide to bringing the gathering to life...

Step 1: Place the Order

For Winter Blooms, that is. Each kit includes our complete curated tablescape, plus wine glasses, flower garnish, cocktail napkins, a simmering potpourri bundle and tote bag for you to use and keep (or use and gift to your favorite gals). For maximum ladies celebrating ladies energy, remember to purchase your Ketel One Botanical collection — a must-have for this Spritz-worthy occasion.

Okay, okay, ladies, now let's get in formation.

Step 2: Learn to Spritz

IYKYK, but if you don't, fear not — the easy-to-make recipe is below, or you can follow along here. Cheers!

Step 3: Set the Mood

Turn set-up time into self-care time by playing our Winter Blooms playlist while you set the table and simmer that potpourri. Keep both going (and Spritzes flowing) throughout your Galentine's Day get-together for a full sensory experience. A toast to sisterhood, anyone?

Please drink responsibly. KETEL ONE BOTANICAL. Made With Vodka Distilled With Real Botanicals And Infused With Natural Flavors. 30% Alc/Vol. © Double Eagle Brands, B.V. Imported by Ketel One USA, Aliso Viejo, CA.