Your Guide to Fall Entertaining

Your Guide to Fall Entertaining

(Pumpkin) spice things up this season.
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An oh-so-autumnal Dutch Floral table. Photo: Bridget Badore

And just like that, fall is here! Goodbye, summer (and 24/7 AC) and hello cozy knits, colorful leaves, pumpkin everything and yes, festivities in abundance. You may notice your social calendar start to fill up around this time of year, but fear not, we've got everything you need to throw epic parties all season long, without the stress. Happy hosting!

Set the Table

Swipe through to browse our favorite Looks for any autumnal gathering or holiday, from Friendsgiving and Halloween to Yom Kippur and Eid al-Ahda. Take note of each Look's name in the captions and be sure to show us how you make your table uniquely yours by tagging us @socialstudiesparty on Instagram!

  • Photo: Kristen Swain
  • Dark Nordic
  • Goldie Rocks
  • Super Tuscan
  • Dutch Floral
  • Moroccan Nights
  • Haunted Hero
  • Essentials Grey
  • Essentials Black

Be Extra

More is more this time of year, so don't be shy when it comes to your party's decor. Add on one of our seasonal occasion boxes, which add the perfect touch of spook or gratitude to any gathering. Bonus: each box pairs perfectly with all of our Looks.

Ghost Stories Box paired with Essentials Black.

Gather, Better

Table Talk. Photo: Kristen Swain

To help ease any awkwardness—or to simply add a sentimental touch to your next dinner party—borrow a page from host extraordinaire, Dana Cowin's book and ask each guest to bring a dish that has meaning for them. Then, when everyone's gathered around the table, each person tells their life story through their dish. This allows each person to share what's most important to themanything from work to family to travel.

Tune Up

One of the most important elements of any good party (and subsequent after party) is good music. Instantly set the mood this fall by cueing one of our curated Spotify playlists—we've got a mix for every occasion. Just don't be surprised when said occasion turns into a full-on dance party...

Embrace the Pumpkin

I know I know, pumpkins for fall is a lot like florals for spring. But there's a reason why these clichés exist and what can I say, the people love a good seasonal duo that can only be described as a match made in heaven. So lean into pumpkins this fall, starting with your food and drink offerings. To help get your menu planning engines revving, consider serving the below salad and cocktail at your next get-together. Click on each card for the recipe!