Your Wine Guide for the Holidays

Your Wine Guide for the Holidays

In Partnership with Campo Viejo

Just as any good glass of red wine enhances a meal, a bottle of red wine shared over a holiday dinner always boosts the experience. That's why we're thrilled to announce our partnership with the legendary wine makers at Campo Viejo to offer you two limited edition Friendsgiving Sets.

Each Friendsgiving Set comes complete with either a Goldie Rocks or The Doppio Party Look, wine glasses, a Campo Viejo wine bottle opener, Friendsgiving recipe cards with Campo Viejo wine pairings and exclusive discounts on Campo Viejo wines. Click here for more details!

As a bonus, you can use code SOCIAL to get 20% off when you buy 3 or more bottle of Campo Viejo! Shop all their wines here!

And to make sure your Friendsgiving goes off without a hitch we asked Campo Viejo Chief Winemaker, Elena Adell, a few pressing wine questions when hosting a feast, because no one ever wants to accidentally run out of wine...

1. What wines would you suggest pairing with a primarily vegetarian feast?

Elena: A fresh, yet lively fruit-forward wine is perfect to enjoy with a vegetarian feast! Elegant, bold and rich with hints of blackberry, cherry, plum and fresh spice, our Campo Viejo Red Blend pairs nicely with a range of meat-free dishes including pasta with a fresh tomato sauce, pizzas, light cheeses (such as a Spanish Manchego!), a portobello burger or eggplant parmesan! Roasted hearty vegetables also work really nicely as the charred flavors adds a complexity to the veggies which compliment the Red Blend and other red wines.

A visual guide to an ideal holiday dinner table.

2. What is a classic red that everyone (from grandma to the 21-year-olds) will enjoy?

Elena: I believe you cannot go wrong with a classic Tempranillo when hosting your guests, any age! In La Rioja, where Campo Viejo resides, the Tempranillo grape is the region's signature grape, resulting in delicious wines that are expressive and bursting with red fruits. Perfect for hosting any guest, any age (21 and over, of course!), any time - from Friendsgiving dinner to The Bachelorette viewing parties. So easy (almost too easy) to consume either with light bites or full meal!

"Keeeeeep pouring..."
A guide to wine labels for all you 21 & overs ft. Campo Viejo Tempranillo.

3. Is there a specific wine you would suggest pairing with dessert?

Elena: The best part of the meal! If you're looking to toast the end your celebration with some sparkling, Campo Viejo Cava Brut pairs with Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie or Campo Viejo Cava Rosé to pair with Peanut Butter Pie. For those who prefer to stick with a red, our Tempranillo and dry red wines are best enjoyed with any sort of caramelized desserts, Pecan Pie, and anything with chocolate notes.

A sweet, sweet sight.
A guide to wine & pie pairings, mmmm.

4. What is the best bottle to guest ratio so you don't run out of wine?

Elena: We usually estimate that there are approximately 6 glasses of wine per bottle, so depending on the number of guests you host, best figure your bottle to guest ratio! Also take note of the wine glasses that you are serving with, if they are on the larger side, estimate 4-5 glasses per bottle.

Cheers to never running out of vino mid-party again!
A guide to how much fruit you're consuming per bottle...

5. What is a big wine myth you'd like to debunk?

Elena: A myth I'd like to debunk as we go into the Holiday season - and in general! - is that red wine is meant to be paired with meat and white wine with fish. While this is a safe rule of thumb, it is certainly not an exclusive one and there are many exceptions. When it comes to fish, pairing with a lighter red is delicious.

An appropriate celebration for fish & red wine lovers everywhere.
A guide to red wine pairings & astrology.