The number of guests attending your party. Party looks are sold in multiples of four and packed in our custom designed cases with an extra setting just in case something breaks or your neighbor stops by!

Turning partygoers into partythrowers.

Turning partygoers into partythrowers.

Choose your party look.
Rent the goods.
Now mingle!

Hi. We’re Social Studies.

We bring people together one table at a time.

Simply choose your look, give us your guest count, the event date, and voilà! We will deliver your complete tablescape to your door and pick it up after your event.

Social Studies wants to make it easier to host the moments that are worth celebrating and turn an ordinary Friday night into something extraordinary. You know. . . the people are actually dancing, how’d-it-get-so-late, I-can’t-believe-she’s-turning-three kind-a party. We're here for all of life’s great moments.

For now, delivering in NYC & the Hamptons.

"The Doppio" delivers la dolce vita

"Prep Rally" American prep, with a new attitude

"Gossamer" warm minimalism that suits any occasion